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We put you in value
  • Empathy

    At the heart of our interactions is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Empathy fosters deeper connections, fuels collaboration, and allows us to serve our customers and colleagues with genuine care and understanding.

  • Proactivity

    We value individuals who take initiative, anticipate needs, and act on opportunities without waiting for explicit instructions. Being proactive means looking ahead, preparing for the future, and ensuring we are always a step ahead.

  • Simplicity

    In a complex world, simplicity stands out. We believe in distilling problems to their essence, offering straightforward solutions, and communicating with clarity. By focusing on simplicity, we streamline our processes and make life easier for everyone.

  • Agility

    The pace of change is rapid. We value agility as it enables us to adapt quickly, pivot when necessary, and embrace change with an open mind. Being agile ensures we remain relevant, resilient, and ready to take on new challenges.

  • Infinity

    Our vision goes beyond short-term goals. We believe in endless possibilities, continual learning, and the power of boundless growth. Just like the infinite horizon, our potential is limitless, and we are always for what lies ahead.

Perks of working
at Engaged.

  • Working for international A-brands on a daily base
  • Inspiring offices in Antwerp & Amsterdam
  • A hybrid working environment
  • Weekly after-work drinks and monthly after-work events
  • Budget for courses, conferences and events
  • A team of International colleagues
Perks of working at Engaged
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