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The LEGO Group

A New World of Friends

  • Virtual Reality
  • Omnichannel Brand Activation
  • Experiential Marketing
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The LEGO Group


Europe, REMEA, APAC, Nordics

Main objective

Awareness / Engagement

For the introduction of LEGO Friends' next generation, Engaged crafted an omnichannel brand activation with an interactive In-store experience, a virtual world and online doodle hunt. Bringing the LEGO Friends world to life and inviting audiences to a brand activation experience they will never forget.

Discover a
new world of Friends

At the core of the omnichannel brand activation, we gave the new LEGO Friends sets a virtual twin in an immersive virtual world (Metaverse). From exploring the new sets, to meeting the new characters and snooping around their bedrooms, we built a digital universe that introduced the new generation of Friends in the comfort of home.
Turning stores into playgrounds

Turning stores
into playgrounds

Taking our digital experience in-store, we turned stores into playgrounds with cardboard replicas of the new LEGO Friends Heartlake International School. Earning kids' attention and inviting them to explore this brand new LEGO Friends set in a playful way.

Engaging kids with an
in-store experience

In-store kids to explore and find five hidden elements. Upon discovering these hidden treasures, each young explorer was rewarded with a free LEGO friendship book. The doodle hunt was also adapted into an engaging widget on the retailer's landing pages, reinforcing our through-the-line approach.
A New World of Friends Mobile screen
A New World of Friends Mobile screen
A New World of Friends Mobile screen
LEGO Friends friendship booklet

LEGO Friends
friendship booklet

To let our audience become friends with the new LEGO Friends characters and helping them make new friends at school, we handed out free interactive friendship booklets.

VR experience

To extend the reach of the digital activation, we took the virtual world one step further into a captivating VR experience to be discovered at LEGO World.

A global friendship
across 25 countries

The launch of LEGO Friends was a resounding success. Coordinating with multiple departments and launching across 25 countries, in 21 languages, we ensured to deliver a harmonised campaign that was tailored to appeal to the diverse, global LEGO audience. Engaged crafted a campaign that sparked real-life connections, and elevated the LEGO Friends brand to new heights in the hearts of its fans.
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