Alien Social Campaign

20th Century Fox Belgium

Alien Covenant is the latest chapter in the well-known Alien-franchise. Our mission for this release? To convince not only fans of the franchise,
but a broader horror & sci-fi audience to watch the movie in cinemas. How? By tapping into relevant top topicals and creating
interactive & intriguing content that gave people the chills before they had even seen the movie.

Alien Day
top topical

On April 26 it’s official Alien Day, a perfect opportunity to address
a target audience interested in all alien phenomena. How to stop them
from scrolling through their social feed? By breaking out off their feed!
We turned a photo into a dynamic 3D top topical post from a giant alien
smashing the computer or mobile screens.

Instagram story

We are strong believers of interactive communication where fans can discover
a story at their own pace. Also, we like to give viewers a good jump scare
from time to time...! The story showed an illustrious alien egg that fans had
to hatch by tapping on it. After a few taps the egg suddenly hatched,
and the alien jumped straight towards our viewers.

Building up

Leading up to release day, a series of video ads were launched to build
up the story of Alien Covenant. We started with more teasing assets
and followed up with action video ads to finally show the audience
the alien itself. In each wave the target audience was adjusted to
include people that had previously shown interest and engaged with
the ads to reach a target group very likely to buy
a ticket for the movie.