Friday The 13th Game

KBC Bank & Verzekering

KBC was looking for a fun way to promote their smartphone app, KBC Assist, to a broad social audience. We noticed Friday the 13th
was just a few weeks away. This casual day of bad luck was a perfect match with the benefits of KBC Assist,
where users can easily report an accident or contact their insurance agent.
The perfect social top topical right?

Social gamevertising

Social gamevertising

To communicate our message and let people experience the easiness of
KBC assist, we developed an addictive minigame that could be played
both on desktop and mobile devices. Players had to navigate a car
through a busy street collecting points while avoiding the obstacles.

Avoid the obstacles
or use KBC Assist

For those among us who are a tiny bit superstitious it was time to
avoid black cats, broken mirrors, ... or to simply use KBC Assist!
Because we believe the best social advertising doesn’t feel like
advertising, we only talked about KBC Assist when people hit an
obstacle. This gave us the opportunity to link the virtual accident
and the feeling of bad luck to KBC Assist.

An incredible 16% CTR

An incredible
16% CTR

The game earned people’s attention, resulting in an average of over
5 gameplays per user, trying to beat their own highscore time after
time. But even more important, 16,37% of the participants actually
clicked on the KBC Assist pop-up, which drove a lot of traffic
towards the KBC Assist product page.

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