Green Christmas Wishes

Eneco Belgium

The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on the past year and make a wish for the future. As a supplier of green energy,
Eneco wanted to capture this momentum to ask their clients which green Christmas wish they had for the future. 

The Eneco 'Wensmolen'

The Eneco "Wensmolen"

To make a green wish, we invited people to a campaign
website where they had to blow in their computer’s or smartphone’s
microphone when making their wish and make the magical
ENECO “Wensmolen” spin around.

grabbing social ads

To drive traffic to the campaign site, we translated the "Wensmolen"
concept into attention grabbing social ads which blew away
parts of the social post.

Employer branding

Not only did we engage Eneco clients, we also involved Eneco
employees in the campaign with a physical activation
at the Eneco headquarters.

Over 11K wishes

With over 11.000 wishes registered - almost twice as many
as the year before - we blew away Eneco's expectations.