IT Social Campaign

Warner Bros Belgium

Every 27 years, a clown named Pennywise returns to Derry. In 2017, exactly 27 years after the last “IT” movie in 1990,
the new “IT” movie was released. To promote the theatrical release of this movie, we helped
Warner Bros Belgium in taking care of the social & digital advertising campaign.

100% digital

Since the movie had a lot of similarities to the Netflix hit
“Stranger Things”, a digital first approach to a digital first
(Netflix) audience was the obvious choice. So the entire “IT”
campaign took place on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube.

Grabbing attention
with creative formats

When relying on digital and social advertising for your
entire campaign, the key is to really stand from the clutter
and grab people’s attention in the first seconds. That’s why we
came up with several impactful formats to bring the vibe to
the small screen and let people experience the same uneasiness
as they would feel in a movie theater.

Eventizing the release
with countdowns

As it’s been 27 years since “IT” was last seen, we really wanted to
eventize the release of the movie. To emphasise this, we created
several intriguing countdown videos to build up tension and
tease the story bit by bit. These videos were an absolute hit
in the social advertising campaign.

Best horror movie
opening ever

Not only did the social campaign grab people’s attention,
it also resulted in a major success. Already after the
opening weekend, “IT” was the biggest horror movie release ever.
Pennywise the clown became a real viral hit and convinced even
a mainstream population to go see a horror movie in theater.