Justice League Art Expo

Warner Bros Belgium

To promote the theatrical release of “Justice League”, a DC comics superhero movie starring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman,
Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash, a part of the campaign was targeted towards the hardcore comic book fans.
And no better place to find them than at Facts, the Belgian Comic-Con event.

24h live painting

24h live painting

During the 2-day Comic Con event in Ghent, we challenged visual
artist Ben Heine to paint a 10m² fan artwork in only 24 hours.
An Instagram worthy live communication event that was witnessed
by the majority of Facts visitors and covered in their personal
Instagram stories, magnifying the reach of the event among their
other comic enthusiast Instagram followers.

live reporting

The social coverage of the fans was not the only social reach this
live event received. The entire event was covered live on Instagram
Stories on the official Warner Bros account. Engaging all fans with
the event and encouraging Facts visitors to follow Warner Bros Belgium
to stay tuned and follow Ben’s progress on Instagram.

Art exhibition tour
to earn social reach

After finishing the artwork, the canvas toured around several Kinepolis
theaters in Belgium. The tour not only showed the art to a larger audience,
but also created a unique photo opportunity inviting people to take photos
in front of the artwork next to a statue of their favorite Justice League hero.
This resulted in a massive social reach which was earned by offering
people a unique experience.