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KBC Bank

KBC Assist

  • Gamification
  • Digital Activation
  • Social Campaign
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KBC Bank



Main objective

Awareness / Activation

KBC Insurances challenged us to raise awareness of the KBC Assist app and its user-friendly crash reporting feature. Our strategy involved merging the realms of gaming and safety by crafting a branded minigame.

Communication through gamification

The activation solely existed out of a branded minigame. An engaging experience where players skillfully navigated obstacles while avoiding accidents. Each collision served as an opportunity to land our message: "Oops, an accident? Use KBC Assist." With this use of gamification, we not only engaged players but also planted a crucial seed of awareness about the app's crash reporting feature.

Claiming Friday 13th

We seized the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th as a launch day for our campaign. Leveraging the belief that this day holds an increased chance of accidents, we ingeniously linked it to the solution offered by KBC Assist. This bold choice made our message more impactful, resonating with audiences and raising their awareness about safety on a traditionally ominous day.

Hitting objectives

Our ultimate goal was to turn awareness into action, and that's exactly what we achieved. Through our branded minigame, we engaged users with an average of more than 5 gameplays per person, delivering our message numerous times without annoyance. This led to a substantial boost in app installs.
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