KBC Bank & Verzekering

On World Compliment Day KBC Bank & Verzekering was looking for a fun way to increase their organic
reach, social engagement and page likes with a top topical post. Media budget: 0,0000 euro. Challenge accepted!

Meet the
emoji bot 🤖

To motivate people to comment on the Facebook post and boost
the post organically in the Facebook algorithm, we created an
interactive emoji bot. When fans commented with an emoji of
choice & tagged someone they wanted to compliment, an
auto-response with a personalised image was automatically
generated by the bot.

+100 unique compliments

+100 unique

Of course we didn’t want the bot to always respond with the
same compliment, so we created a unique compliment for each of
the 100 most used emoji’s and some easter egg compliments for
the naughty ones 🍑💩🍆. This resulted in a fun and engaging
top topical post on Compliments Day.

in 24h

In only 24 hours we received more than 7.000 comments on the post,
skyrocketing the post in the Facebook algorithm and resulting in
an unseen organic social reach of 120.000 people in just 24 hours.
This was almost 4 times as high as the 35.000 fans KBC has
on their page and made the post a trending topic in Flanders.
As a cherry on the cake, we also topped the KBC Facebook
page with 150 new Facebook fans in the same 24h. 🎉