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VR Explainer

When K’Ching, the KBC mobile banking app for kids, launched, KBC wanted us to create a video that explained
why kids should download the app and what they could do with it. Since we were targeting a young and very tech savvy,
easily bored audience, we challenged the idea with a VR explainer.

Speaking the audience’s language

Speaking the
audience’s language

Speaking your audience’s language is, according to us, probably
the most important task when producing assets. That’s why we
chose to produce a VR explainer video for the launch of the
app instead of pushing a plain video to our audience and
here-by earning their attention for our message.

K’Ching in VR

The content in the VR experience itself was all about letting
people feel the benefits of the app. For example, K’Ching, the app’s
own virtual assistant took you on a crazy rollercoaster ride to
simulate the balance of your bank account going up and down.

A view-through
rate 10x higher

Because the kids really got engaged in the experience and communication,
the view-through rate went through the roof. Resulting in an almost
100% view-through rate, ten times higher than an average product
video about the benefits of mobile banking targeted towards kids.

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