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Warner Bros.

King Arthur Legend of the Sword

  • OOH
  • Omnichannel Brand Activation
  • Digital Campaign
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Warner Bros.



Main objective


Upon the theatrical release of 'King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword,' Warner Bros Belgium entrusted us with the task of promoting the film and generating excitement across a wide-ranging audience. We transformed OOH, a traditionally passive medium into a dynamic live experience and orchestrated a comprehensive omnichannel brand activation campaign igniting anticipation.

Creating excitement with an 8-day live experience

Creating excitement with an 8-day live experience

To turn an otherwise traditional medium into a live event, we teamed up with international graffiti artist Bart Smeets. Over eight days, Bart used his spray cans to transform a large billboard at one of Belgium’s biggest movie theater into a vibrant 72m² piece of art, infusing the campaign with a sense of surprise and delight. This live act didn't just earn the attention of those passing by; it encouraged people to share photos and videos on their own social media, significantly expanding the reach of the campaign.

Turning a local stunt into a national live event

To accelerate our reach, we utilized the official Warner Bros Belgium Instagram account to broadcast the entire event. From the shopping spree for over 300 spray cans to the finishing touches, every step of the stunt was shared via LIVE Instagram Stories. This interactive approach allowed the audience to become front row spectators. Intrigued passers-by were also encouraged to follow Warner Bros Belgium on Instagram to witness the final result.
King Arthur - Legend of the Sword
King Arthur - Legend of the Sword
Exclusive fan art giveaway

Exclusive fan art giveaway

Once the artwork was completed, we took it one step further by launching an Instagram contest, turning the passive act of viewing into an active, rewarding experience. We divided the complete artwork into square pieces and posted each one on the Warner Bros Belgium Instagram account. Fans simply had to like and comment on their favourite part. At the end of the campaign, a jury selected the lucky winners who each received a high-quality canvas cut from the original artwork.

The complete picture: a comprehensive theatrical release campaign

In addition to an innovative billboard campaign, we orchestrated the full theatrical release campaign including the creation of TV-commercials, digital out-of-home, immersive social ads, online video ads with creative teasers, display ads, homepage take-overs and print ads that filled both the digital sphere as the cityscape.
King Arthur - Legend of the Sword
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