King Arthur Live Event

Warner Bros Belgium

To promote the theatrical release of ‘King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword’ in Belgium, Warner Bros Belgium booked several large
outdoor billboards. But in order to earn the attention of passers-by, we wanted to turn this passive medium into a live
communication event that could be followed both on location as well as on social.

Turning a billboard into an 8-day live event

Turning a billboard
into an 8-day
live event

To turn this otherwise passive medium into a live event, we partnered
with international graffiti artist Bart Smeets for one of the billboards
at Kinepolis Antwerp. Over a period of 8 days, Bart continuously sprayed
and revealed a 72m² piece of art. This did not only earn people’s attention,
but also generated social visibility as people shared photos and videos
on their own social channels.

Live Instagram story reporting

Live Instagram
story reporting

Bart’s progress and all of his preparations, including a shopping
spree to buy 300+ spray cans and the process of choosing the right
colors, were shared instantly and throughout the entire event via
Instagram Stories on the official Warners Bros Belgium account.
This turned everybody into a front row spectator and intrigued
passers-by to follow Warnes Bros Belgium on Instagram to see
the final result.

Win a unique piece of the artwork on Instagram

Win a unique piece
of the artwork on

Afterwards, a contest was launched on Instagram. The complete artwork
was chopped in 9 square pieces and posted on the Warner Bros Belgium
account. People just had to like and comment on the part they liked most.
At the end of the campaign a jury handpicked 9 lucky people and 9 high quality
canvases, cut from the original artwork, were shipped to the winners.

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