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20th Century Fox

Kingsman The take-over

  • Brand Activation
  • Omnichannel Brand Activation
  • Digital Campaign
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20th Century Fox



Main objective


As the competitive cinema scene ushered in numerous big releases, we spotted an opportunity: a plethora of moviegoers who could be captivated by "Kingsman: The Golden Circle". And that's exactly what we did, for 20th Century Fox Belgium.

In-theater pop-up experience

The iconic Kingsman tailor shop is a landmark no fan could miss. To earn attention, we recreated a lifelike replica of this storefront in the theater lobbies. Transforming the window into a gif expo, we played character introductions, weapon showcases, and behind-the-scenes snippets, all designed to tease the movie to a wider audience with a unique approach to cinema advertising.
Complete theater take-overs

Complete theater take-overs

Beyond the gif expo, we transformed 10 theaters all over Belgium into eye-catching Kingsman take-overs, from wrapped ATM's with screen take-overs, and several life-size cutouts to enhance impact.

Taking it up a notch: social & digital take-overs

In the spirit of the Kingsman's audacious style and suave sophistication, we didn't stop at the theater takeovers; we expanded the campaign across the digital and social realms with captivating ads that turned heads like never before.
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