Kingsman Theater Takeover

20th Century Fox Belgium

In the weeks prior to the release of “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” a lot of big movies were released, which drove a lot of
people to the movies. A competitive period, yet also a golden opportunity to reach a lot of moviegoers and convince
them to come see “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”. And guess what? That’s exactly what we did. 🤠

Gif Expo

If you ever watched a Kingsman movie, you know the Kingsman tailor
shop is a very recognisable landmark. To grab people’s attention
in the Kinepolis Antwerp lobby, we custom built a 3m by 4m replica
of the Kingsman store front and set up a gif expo in the shopping
window. Gifs showcased the characters, Kingsman weapons and behind
the scenes footage to tease the movie to a large audience.

Branded ATM’s

Branded ATM’s

Besides earning people’s attention with the gif expo activation,
we transformed the ATM’s in all Kinepolis theaters into Kingsman
billboards. We even placed cutouts on the ATM’s to make them
look bigger and immediately grab attention when entering the lobby.

Screen takeovers

Screen takeovers

Last but not least, we displayed gifs on all ATM screens when going
in stand-by. A cherry on the complete Kingsman theater takeover
which helped the movie land a successful opening weekend in
a very competitive period.

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