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KBC Bank

Level up Your Mobile

  • Social
  • Interactive Video
  • Digital Activation
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KBC Bank



Main objective

Awareness / Activation

In collaboration with KBC Bank Belgium, we created a series of interactive videos to empower KBC Mobile app users. Our mission was to elevate the app from a simple bill-paying tool to a multifaceted financial companion. Introducing new features like easy investing, money-saving with KBC deals, and seamless ticket purchases.

5 days, 5 challenges

We redefined user engagement through an interactive video experience that unfolded on both Instagram and the KBC Mobile app. Users embarked on an engaging journey, uncovering the app's hidden gems. Through gamification and interactive storytelling, we transformed passive users into active users, igniting their curiosity to harness the full potential of the KBC Mobile app
Level up Your Mobile
Level up Your Mobile
Influencer collaboration


A dynamic partnership with influencer Samir Korbi added a vibrant dimension to our campaign. For five consecutive days, Samir hosted an interactive video challenge, each day spotlighting a unique app feature that many users had yet to discover. Samir's engaging approach, combined with his authoritative presence, connected with users and amplified their interest in the app.
In-app activation

In-app activation

Effective communication within the app was paramount in our mission to activate users. We leveraged targeted emails and strategically placed social organic posts on KBC's Instagram account, ensuring that users were informed and empowered.
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