Lights Out Snapchat Campaign

Warner Bros Belgium

“Lights Out” is a horror movie telling the story of Diana, a deadly creature that survives in the darkness. Using Snapchat as one of the
primary channels for the campaign, we created interactive & terrifying Snapchat content to make our target audience tremble with fear.
We bet you will think of this case when you
switch off the lights tonight...

Screenshot contest

Are you fast enough to capture Diana? As one of the campaign components,
we created a Snapchat story contest, asking users to screenshot Diana in a
terrifying video. Of course, Diana only appeared for a nanosecond as soon
as the lights went out, jump scaring people and making it hard to capture
her at the right time. The people quickest to reply were the lucky winners!

Movie trivia
& countdowns

In the weeks leading up to release, we launched ominous & frightening content
pieces about the movie. The goal was to intrigue people by slowly revealing
more information about the characters and their story lines using movie trivia.
In the final days before release, we used exclusive countdown
assets to boost ticket sales.

Exclusive fan screening reactions

Exclusive fan
screening reactions

Before release, a bunch of influencers were invited to an exclusive screening.
Our camera crew recorded their jump scare reactions in the theatre and
created a terrifying reaction movie that was promoted on all social channels.