Match Meter

KBC Bank & Verzekering

On Valentine’s Day, Belgian bank KBC wanted to engage with their fanbase and generate extra brand awareness on Facebook.
So we launched a bot which we baptised as the “KBC Match Meter”.

Tag your lover, BBF or doggo

Tag your lover,
BBF or doggo

Remember the love tests from high school to see if your name matched
your secret crushes’? That’s exactly what we did on social. When
tagging another person in the comments of the post, our bot
calculated your personal match and replied with a receipt
from the Match Meter machine.

Reaching 85.000
people in 24h with
0,00€ ad spent

The post was launched with 0,000€ ad budget and got amazing results.
In less than 24 hours, the bot got over 1.300 comments and generated
a whopping reach of almost 85.000 people.