Messenger Bot


Messenger Bot

When Orange Belgium launched their new mobile subscription packs, they wanted to encourage people to take a
test and find out which pack would best match their mobile phone behaviour. This way people could much better
compare the price they pay for their current subscription to the new Orange subscription that totally matched their needs.

A Facebook Messenger bot

A Facebook
messenger bot

Instead of working with a standard survey on a website or
landing page we decided to launch Orango, a Facebook messenger
bot which asked people a few simple questions and gave them
real-time advice on which subscription pack matched best.

6 simple multiple
choice questions

To keep the threshold as low as possible, the Facebook Messenger
bot only asked 6 light and simple multiple choice questions
about people’s phone behaviour.

the ultimate
subscription match

At the end of the small questionnaire, Orango showed people their best
match and gave them the opportunity to order a subscription or learn
more about the details of the subscription. The bot boosted both
sales and website traffic for Orange Belgium.