New Lotto Social Campaign

Nationale Loterij

New Lotto Social Campaign

In May 2018, the Belgian National Lottery relaunched Lotto, with twice as much chance of winning.
For the social advertising part of their campaign, they understood that simply translating the campaign visuals
and TV commercials in social formats wouldn’t cut it. Instead they were looking for thumb-stopping and eye-catching
creations that would stand out from the social advertising clutter on Facebook and Instagram. Just our cup of tea!

Digital (first)

By now we hope you totally understand we are true digital (first) thinkers
who believe you have to surprise and entertain people to earn their attention.
That’s exactly what we did in collaboration with Mortierbrigade by coming up
with specific social advertising content for the New Lotto social campaign.

A dedicated green key shoot

A dedicated
green key shoot

To be able to execute our ideas, a dedicated green key production
shoot was organised. A whole day to shoot all kinds of moves,
poses and scenes we could later on use to let the New Lotto guy jump
in and out of social feeds, push play bars forward or break video
players with huge bowling balls. Sounds like fun? Damn right it was!

Creating social impact
and grabbing attention

All of this resulted in over 20 social advertising formats that instantly
grabbed people’s attention across Facebook and Instagram. In each creative,
we made sure the “2x as likely” message was dropped visually to land
our key message in a matter of seconds.

Incredible results

Due to the high variety in striking digital creatives, we were able to reach
our target audience multiple times without showing the same creation
over and over again. This resulted in a massive social success with
2.9 million unique users reached and 978.000 unique video views.
Furthermore the National Lottery reported an increase in purchase
consideration of 28% and 17% more players were recruited versus
their objective. A serious jump start for the New Lotto!