Snake Challenge

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Nokia and the iconic 3310 are back! And we wanted everyone to know. That’s why we organised the Nokia Snake Challenge
during the summer of 2017: a unique brand activation event at 48 locations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Snake Challenge qualifiers

Snake Challenge

To promote the launch of the new Nokia 3310, we invited all old Nokia users
and fans to visit our pop-up Snake corners and play the rebooted Snake game.
The 3 best players of Belgium and The Netherlands won a prize package with
the value of 3310 euros and a ticket to the big final in Antwerp or Amsterdam.

4 weekends, 48 locations

4 weekends,
48 locations

During 4 weekends at 48 retail locations across Belgium and the
Netherlands, people could visit the pop-up Snake corners to
show their vintage Snake skills and put the highest score
on the scoreboard. The brand activation itself was hugely
supported by retailers like MediaMarkt, Proximus, Exellent,
Belsimpel and KPN who took advantage of the event to drive
traffic to their stores and boost Nokia 3310 pre-orders.

Real-time scoreboard


All scores were instantly captured by a promo team and shown on a live
scoreboard across all locations. As such, players spread over all the
locations competed against each other for the first place and to earn
their ticket for the big Snake challenge final.

Finals picked up by VTM News

Finals picked up
by VTM News

At the end of the summer, the best players competed for the title
of best Snake player of the country at the finals in Antwerp
and Amsterdam. The event even got picked up by the VTM news crew,
who interviewed the winners during their ultimate moment of fame
on how, where and when they had practiced to become such
a good Snake player.

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