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HMD Global

Snake Challenge

  • In-store experience
  • Omnichannel Brand Activation
  • Branded Content
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HMD Global



Main objective

Awareness / Conversion

When HMD global relaunched the iconic Nokia 3310, engaged won the pitch to generate excitement, pique curiosity, and foster a wave of nostalgia that would make the 3310 comeback unforgettable. No pressure, right?

Hype the classic, embrace the new

Hype the classic,
embrace the new

Our approach was straightforward: Amplify what people loved about the original 3310, while highlighting the modern upgrades. We took our friendship pact with Nokia to heart, rolling up our sleeves to pull off an omnichannel activation.

From in-store qualifiers,
to national finales

Over four weekends, we hosted pop-up Snake corners at 48 retail locations across Belgium and the Netherlands. Players showcased their vintage Snake skills, vying for the top spot on our live, real-time scoreboard. The best player from each store bagged prizes worth 3310 euros and place to the grand finales in Antwerp and Amsterdam.
Snake Challenge
Snake Challenge
Making the news

Making the news

And guess what? Our finals were such a hit; they got picked up by VTM news! The winners shared their secret Snake strategies on national television, amplifying our campaign reach even further.

National campaign

We designed and executed a full-blown release campaign, including digital and physical out-of-home ads, attention-grabbing social and online video ads, homepage takeovers, native advertising, and press mailings. We ensured our activations echoed on every platform. Every touchpoint was carefully planned to resonate with our audience - amplifying the Nokia buzz across the digital landscape.
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