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The AR Playbook

  • Augmented Reality
  • Brand Activation
  • Ecomm
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The Netherlands

Main objective

Engagement / Conversion

To help LEGO stand out in a 200pages toy catalog and maximise the amount of time spent on the LEGO pages, we proposed several Augmented Reality experiences as an interactive engagement layer.

Turning a toy book into an AR play book

We reimagined the Intertoys toy catalog, turning it into an interactive toy book using Augmented Reality (AR). By merging print and digital, children could explore LEGO sets through AR experiences, maximizing their engagement. This innovative approach not only extended their time with LEGO but also made wishlist creation a fun and informed process, giving children a memorable and enchanting holiday season.

All Aboard the
AR Express

This innovative experience let kids construct their own railroads right within their rooms or garden. They could lay down LEGO City tracks, choose their preferred LEGO City trains, and set out on incredible journeys through unique landscapes.

Make magic happen

Young wizards were awestruck as they cast spells, making their favourite LEGO Harry Potter boxes appear and disappear by wielding their magic wands, and watching with wonder as the wizarding world came to life around them.

Buckle up for an
epic test drive

With a simple gesture, kids could summon their dream car, watch it being built brick by brick before their eyes, and open the doors to hop inside. As they grasped the virtual steering wheel, the engine roared to life, and they were off on an epic virtual test drive.

Sparking smiles
with storytelling

With a simple tap, kids could dive headfirst into front-row LEGO Friends stories, brought to life by the enchanting narration of famous local voice actors. As they embarked on their journeys, they explored key products in the most entertaining and imaginative manner possible, crafting episodes that would undoubtedly light up every child's face with joy.

Solving the Holiday Wishlist Dilemma

These captivating experiences have done more than ensuring hours of exiting play; they've aided LEGO in earning a coveted place on every child's wishlist. By delivering unforgettable AR adventures spanning the entire Intertoys Toy catalog, we've made the daunting task of selecting the perfect toys easier for kids—an annual challenge no more.
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