The Conjuring Scary Booth

Warner Bros Belgium

The Conjuring Scary Booth

The Conjuring 2 tells the story of a family, paranormal activities and a demon nun. We were asked by Warner Bros Belgium to come up with an
in-theatre activation during an exclusive influencer & fan screening. The goal? To drive engagement and generate earned social media attention.
How did we achieve this? By scaring the sh*t out of people…!

Pop-up photo studio

photo studio

During the event at Kinepolis Brussels, the movie setting was recreated as a
pop-up photo studio. We invited influencers & fans to step inside the decor
of the movie and have their picture taken by our photographer.

The Nun photobomb

The Nun

While people were casually posing for their picture, all of the sudden
the lights were dimmed and the demon nun snuck up behind them.
She caused a lot of screams, jumps and pinches and our
photographer was there to capture them all.

Share a jump scare

Share a
jump scare

All pictures where immediately transferred to an iPad application.
When leaving the pop-up, a hostess invited everyone to look for their
picture and gave them the opportunity to print and / or share it on
social media. This generated a lot of extra earned reach via real
fans and selected influencers.

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