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Warner Bros.

The Legend of Tarzan

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Warner Bros.



Main objective


Embodying the principles evoking genuine reactions and rewarding customers for their attention, we executed an unforgettable brand activation campaign for Warner Bros Belgium to promote the theatrical release of The Legend of Tarzan. The campaign centerpiece? An impressive, interactive video cube, the Tarzan Snapcube, installed at Antwerp Central Station.

Unleashing the jungle's call with a Tarzan Snapcube

Unleashing the jungle's call with a Tarzan Snapcube

We transformed the bustling Antwerp Central Station into a slice of the Tarzan jungle. The Snapcube, showcasing mesmerizing scenes from the movie, doubled as a vibrant canvas for Snapcodes. Commuters were invited to unleash their best Tarzan roars to the Warner Bros Snapchat account, and these roars echoed back to the cube, showcasing participants' enthusiasm in real-time.
Engaging audiences with user-generated content

Engaging audiences with user-generated content

We flipped the conventional script of campaigns, centering user-generated content. Each day, the finest Tarzan roars were featured on Warner Bros Belgium's Snapchat account, encouraging more people to participate and spreading the primal excitement.

National campaign

We didn't stop at the Snapcube. The roar of Tarzan echoed across TV, (digital) out-of-home, interactive social ads, online video advertising, captivating display ads, homepage takeovers and muchmore.
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