Trolls Social Campaign

20th Century Fox Belgium

To bring the colourful world of Trolls to both kids and their nostalgic parents and inspire them to go the movies,
we set out an advanced media strategy to reach both age groups. Which resulted in a campaign that radiated the
great music & the feel-good theme of the movie to the entire family. Yes! We can’t stop the feeling…! 🎵

YouTube bumpers
& pre-rolls

To grab people’s attention before hitting the skip-button, we created
a set of YouTube bumper ads and pre-rolls, each of them with a
specific target audience in mind. For parents, we highlighted the
adult humor of the film and iconic elements. For kids, we focused
more on the colourful characters. Since we cannot target the age
group of 4 to 12 year olds, we adjusted the targeting to people
watching movies about handicrafts with glitter, slime, funny dances, ...
In a word: KIDS using their parents YouTube account!

Snapchat color
& top

The release window was filled with special occasions that were a great
match with the movie: Music Day, World Animal Day, World Chocolate Day, ...
Using the right images, video and copy we created relevant and shareable
content for Facebook and Instagram. On Snapchat, we also launched an
interactive color contest. The audience could screengrab their favorite
Troll, pimp it and send it back in order to win goodies.

Influencer mailing

Influencer mailing

As influencer’s inboxes are flooded with invitations, it’s becoming
hard to break through this clutter. So we sent them an oldskool invite
by direct mail. But of course we didn’t forget about the social reach.
Therefore a Trolls wig was included in the direct mailing. This prompted
influencers to share funny pictures on their social channels,
generating a lot of free publicity for the movie.

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