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The LEGO Group

Unleash The Dragon

  • 3DOOH
  • Immersive advertising
  • Digital campaign
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The LEGO Group



Main objective


Promoting the launch of the new LEGO Ninjago Rising dragon sets, a dynamic digital campaign intertwines with an impressive Out-of-Home stunt and immersive 3Dooh experiences. Creating a fusion of physical and digital realms.

Digital campaign

To magnify the impact of our OOH stunt—a pivotal element of the campaign—a robust digital strategy was crafted, spanning OLV, social media, and display ads. This comprehensive approach ensured our message reached diverse audiences across multiple platforms, extending the allure of the campaign far beyond physical spaces.

On-event activation

At LEGO World and Festival of Play, we created an unforgettable, immersive experience. Highlights included a cave with a lifelike dragon hologram, interactive screens, and 'Build Your Own Dragon' corners, blending our messaging with vibrant engagement.
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