KBC Bank & Verzekering

KBC Bank & Verzekering has been a main sponsors of several festival for many years. But how to use these sponsorships
to engage with your Facebook fans and how to give away tickets on social anno 2018?

A (w)interactive Facebook livestream

A (w)interactive
Facebook livestream

We all know Facebook loves live video and engagement as metrics
to reward your brand with organic reach. That’s exactly why we
combined both in an interactive livestream, where people had to
comment on the livestream in order to win tickets for the festival.

Guess the word
to win tickets

In contrast to most livestreams, we didn’t just capture video footage.
Instead, we built and entire social game in which viewers were asked
to comment in order to reveal letters of a festival related word.
The first person to guess the right word was the lucky winner,
who was announced in the livestream.

More than 10.000
comments in 2 hours

Not only did we see massive engagement on the live video, we also
earned an incredible organic reach. Thanks to more than 10.000
comments on the live video we reached over 103.000 people in
just 2 hours. Not only giving away tickets, but using the
tickets to earn social reach and people’s attention on
social with zero ad spend.