X-mas Winstagram

KBC Bank & Verzekering

As an end of year goal, KBC Bank & Verzekering wanted to grow their social fanbase on Instagram.
We created a 10 day contest full of interactive challenges that could be played within KBC’s Instagram Stories.

10 day countdown
to Christmas

The campaign was built around the countdown towards Christmas.
Each day, a new video was posted to the KBC Instagram feed,
revealing the prize that could be won by competing in
the daily challenge. 

Tap and hold

Every day we came up with a new and fun interactive challenge using
native Instagram Story elements. For instance by using the tap
to pause feature in Instagram Stories you could rebuild a
snowman and screenshot your tap talent.

GIF puzzles

By using Instagram’s GIF feature, we got fans to solve a puzzle
with little GIF pieces which they could find by typing kbc_be
in the GIF feature. Every screenshot we received of a solved
puzzle was an entry for the daily contest to win a great prize.

Drawing contests

Another fun way to enter the contest was by making a screenshot
of our empty Christmas tree and decorating it with the pen tool,
emoji’s, GIF’s and every sticker you could find in Instagram’s library. 

2.500 new fans
in 10 days

The overall sentiment towards the campaign was overwhelmingly
positive with a lot of warm reactions and a massive amount
of participants. A grand total of over 10K participations was
registered over a 10 day period. But more importantly:
the KBC Instagram page grew with + 30%!