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Trolls The Movie

  • OOH
  • Omnichannel Brand Activation
  • Influencer
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Main objective

Engagement / Conversion

We embarked on an enchanting journey with DreamWorks to create a spellbinding campaign for the theatrical release of "Trolls," a movie brimming with color, music, and infectious joy. Our mission was clear: to immerse audiences in the whimsical world of the Trolls and convince them to go see the movie in theaters.

The most unskippable ads

In the realm of online video ads, we ensured viewers didn't skip a beat—or our ads. Our captivating YouTube prerolls and bumpers enchanted audiences, keeping them hooked from start to finish, and setting the tone for the Trolls movie's colorful charm.
Put your hair in the air

Put your hair in the air

We orchestrated a magical influencer outreach campaign. Inviting influencers to an exclusive screening, we added a whimsical touch by encouraging them to out their hair in the air don Trolls hair wigs. The result? Vibrant pictures on their social channels that set the stage for a cinematic experience.

Don't stop the feeling
just snap, snap, snap

To engage younger audiences, we created a captivating Snapchat campaign. Each day brought new challenges, from a Color Contest to a Trollify Yourself Challenge, a Dance and Sing Along, and an Influencer channel Takeover. These daily adventures turned Snapchat into a vibrant Trolls playground, connecting with younger audiences in a fun and unforgettable way.
Trolls - The Movie
Trolls - The Movie

Painting the nation
with Trolls magic

Our national campaign for Trolls was nothing short of spectacular. With a multi-faceted approach, including online video ads, social ads, DOOH, OOH, and print ads, we painted the nation with a kaleidoscope of Trolls' magic. Our mission? To raise awareness far and wide, ensuring that Trolls captured hearts all across the country.
Trolls - The Movie
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